I BELIEVE the key to wellness 
begins in the gut
I BELIEVE the key to wellness begins in the gut
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 It's time to take back your health! let's do this together!
Not long ago I recovered from a life threatening health crisis. Hashimoto’s Disease had me lost in a sea of health officials misdiagnosing, prescribing medications that made me feel worse and I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to keep my head above water to feel healthy again. I know what it's like to be so weak that you can’t get out of bed. It wasn’t until I took back the reigns and dove into holistic all natural solutions that I started to get my life back!

“All disease begins in the gut” - Hippocrates
When a person experiences leaky gut it causes the pores in your intestine to widen. When this happens the food particles and toxins make their way into the bloodstream. These items are not supposed to be in the blood so they send signals to your immune system to go into “attack” mode. The problem is that your immune system doesn’t know how to decipher between the cells so it starts to attack healthy cells and the bad cells. This then begins the cycle of problematic food allergies and autoimmune disorders.

So… we know what causes leaky gut – what can we do about it? My Total Gut Mastery is jammed packed with so much useable info that could very well change how you feel in days! This is the only course of its kind - combining mind, body and spirit to achieve optimum wellness.
6 week online course
Learn my tried and true go-to tools list I use to keep my immune system functioning optimally and so much more for GUT HEALTH!!!

Module 1: Why The Gut?

Module 2: Removing Blocks-Commit!

Module 3: Food & Supplements

Module 4: The Ultimate Detox

Module 5: Essential Oils

Module 6: Energy & Mindset
I have heard of leaky gut, but never really understood it before nor heard about it in the nursing arena. The manuscript that Maria handed out simplified this information and definitely made me understand the brain- gut connection more. The information she gave after doing a lot of her own research on diet, bone broth and more are helpful tools for us to begin to heal our bodies. After taking the class, I definitely plan to do the recommended cleanse. What I liked best though was learning the protocol on how to use the essential oils, in what order and the massage technique. Definitely worth every penny! Thanks Maria!
- Valerie M.
When I came to Maria I was very sick, physically, emotionally and mentally. My biggest outward illness was psoriasis. But that illness really starts on the inside!! It was so bad, so horribly painful that I honestly had days I wished I could just stop living. I never EVER imagined I would start feeling better so quick. Maria was there for me every step of the way. All of the work Maria has done with me has lead to a huge QUICK transformation in my health and physical appearance and emotional well being.By no means am I done with my gut issues.... it's going to take time to heal, but the starting results and relief Maria's work have brought me.....I am coming back to life-literally.
- Tammy K.
It's a YES from me! I'm taking back my health!
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